You could not find many places more schooled in watching bad teams, or more familiar with the markers of a future disappointment than Kansas City. Just in this century we’ve seen the 2003 Royals blow a seven game lead at the All-Star break. We’ve seen the 2003 Chiefs earn a bye and a home playoff game and nosedive right away because of a fraudulent defense. We’ve seen the 2012 Our Time Royals make a mockery of optimism, and the 2013 Chiefs turn a 9-0 start and 28-point playoff lead into a cruel prologue, to say nothing of Sporting Kansas City’s most recent fade or, because we don’t want you to punch the screen you’re reading this on, anything about the area’s major colleges. All of that is true, and the following paragraph is not meant as a challenge to Kansas City’s collective Ph.D. in sports letdown. This is just an honest statement about how past and factually irrelevant experiences color the way we feel about the now The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named has nothing to do with Harrison Butker, and Greg Robinson has nothing to do with Justin Houston. If this exact group of players with this exact record played in another place, many in Kansas City would almost certainly believe it to be a better team than these Chiefs.