The Derrick Williams conundrum on whether to pick up his fourth-year option headlines Zach Lowe’s excellent Grantland piece of guys in similar situations. The list includes other such lost souls as Jimmer Fredette Bismack Biyombo and Jan Vesely and while each of those names lends itself to plenty of “curiosity confusion and opportunism around the league” each comes with plenty of troublesome question marks. I am one of those Wolves malcontents who believe every day Derrick Williams is still in Minnesota is another day his trade value has gone down. Lowe quotes Flip Saunders as saying D-Will “could turn into something like a more athletic Al Harrington spotting up on the weak side of pick-and-rolls” and noting that he’s still only 21 years old. But Al Harrington has always played with a chip on his shoulder (and a reputation as a plus-defender I can’t say is deserved or not) but that mean streak more than makes up for any imagined athleticism D-Will does or does not possess or utilize effectively.