I started out with the intent of making a Production Ratio article for the Inside Linebackers, but along the way, I went down a Rabbit trail and got a little off tangent. All of a sudden I had a post that would mesh with the Production Ratio upcoming, but ended up being a stand alone post of it's own. It's been 7 years since Al Wilson was "retired" by Mike Shanahan because of a Neck injury. If it wasn't for that, Wilson might still be a Bronco. Heck, Al is only 35 years old. Nevertheless, Denver's Linebacking corp, once the heart of the "Orange Crush," simply hasn't been the same. In my humble opinion, that needs to change. A Defense needs a vocal leader. A guy who will carry the team on his shoulders. A player with a "Refuse to Lose" mentality that will make a play when he needs to, simply to elevate his teammates to greatness.