The Naked Cowboy strums about Times Square. Elmo and Cookie Monster knockoffs hustle tourists for photos. A camera crew talks among itself to ensure that a topless, painted woman remains outside the frame of the shot. De’Aaron Fox stays somewhat anonymous and completely poised inside this epicenter of chaos. He wears eyeglasses, a black button-down shirt and blue jeans. He offers a smile to those who do not recognize him but ask for photos nonetheless. “That’s Fox, right?” one man in a business suit asks. “Hey, the Knicks need a guard.” Fox will be more easily recognizable as the NBA’s MVP in a few years. At least, that’s his plan, and why not? Nearly every other goal on his to-do list has been checked off with the same routine efficiency others clear groceries off their shopping lists. “It probably hasn’t hit me,” says Fox, the latest one-and-done Kentucky point guard bound to be taken early in this week’s NBA draft, in a quieter moment inside Bleacher Report’s midtown offices. “Everything, it seems so normal that we don’t realize how special it really is. Everybody doesn’t get to play in the NBA or go through this process.” Fox is 19 going on 32, in terms of his maturity. The odds of his being spotted outside a nightclub by TMZ are small. His father, Aaron, hammered home years ago that he would be looked at differently. He couldn’t do things other kids did and expect to remain unscathed. “Coming into this basketball thing, you’ve got to be mature beyond your age,” Fox says. “If you’re acting like a teenager in basically a grown man’s world, it’s tough to survive.”