No, Cubs fans, the recent loss of Anthony Rizzo does not excuse you from this.

We're also aware of Javy Baez's absence too, but that doesn't hold much merit given the production the team has gotten from those who are filling in, most notably Ben Zobrist and Nico Hoerner.

If the Cubs manage to botch their chances during the stretch run and lose out on a playoff spot to the Milwaukee Brewers, sans-Yelich, the organization has to make some sweeping changes with absolutely no limitations in terms of whose job is in jeopardy.

Chicago has had chance after chance to bury the Brewers and they've been unable to. And if Cubs fans want to cry injuries, the last fanbase they can talk about that with is Milwaukee's. They're without NL MVP hopeful Christian Yelich, and their starting rotation has been decimated for a good portion of the MLB season, yet they've been able to stay afloat and in the race.