When I’m standing at the plate waiting to swing at a pitch, here’s what is running through my mind: Nothing. My mind is clear. There are no distractions. I just wait for the ball to float towards me, and then I perform an action I’ve been practicing since I was a little kid. I’ve hit 30 home runs so far this season, and I know that my best hitting years are still ahead of me. I know that because I’ve been blessed with a natural swing that I’ve become more and more comfortable with as I’ve matured. I’m at my most confident when I’m standing at home plate with a bat in my hands. Now, when I have to make a throw from left field … here are some of the things that might be running through my mind: Is my arm in the right position? Don’t mess this up. Who’s yelling? Focus. It’s simple, just throw the ball in there. But don’t overthrow the cutoff man. Please don’t make a bad throw. Everybody’s watching, man … make this throw! FOCUS!