My wife is great for many, many reasons - not the least of which is putting up with me and my Celtics obsession. She's not really a sports fan but she's supportive and understanding. In fact, that caring but detached relationship with the team allows her to pick up on simple truths that may avoid me from time to time. Here's 2 examples: Celtics are beating up on the Hawks, up 20 plus points in the first half. I sit down after putting the kids to bed and say "I'm going to really enjoy watching this." She turns to me half in jest and says "oh come on, you know they'll blow it." She's not rooting for this, but says it in mocking dry humor matter-of-factness that shuts me up and sets the tone for the rest of the evening. Fast forward to a few days later, Rajon Rondo is announced out against the Heat. I share this dire news with my wife with a forlorn expression on my face. After confusing him with Ray Allen ("doesn't he play for the Heat now?") she flips the script on me again. "Oh that's too bad, but on the bright side, you know they are going to win now, right?" That's pretty much how it has gone this year. Starting out we were all excited about "getting the band back together" for one more concert tour. Not only that, but we had reloaded the bench with guys that can actually score and obviously the league best defense would be automatic, right? Somewhere along the line that tour bus got a flat tire and we couldn't get any kind of streak going - good or bad. Like a bad line dancing routine it was one step forward, two steps back, sideways shuffle, back to the start. Then Christmas day happens. The Celtics throttle the Brooklyn Nets and everything is candy canes and big red bows. That is until they lose their next 4 in a row. The team was still without defensive stopper Avery Bradley but the problems this team had were much deeper than any one player could solve, ...right? That only makes logical sense after all. Except it didn't turn out that way. For whatever reason, Bradley was the catalyst, linchpin, and spark-plug for this team and a 6 game winning streak ensued. Sweet! We've turned the corner and watch out league! Right?