As I write this, one of my "Ivory-dreads" of fandom has fallen out due to sadness over the thought of losing Chris Ivory to the crowded cluster that makes up the New Orleans Saints running back situation. That seems to be the impending reality that Who Dat Nation will have to come to grips with sooner rather than later. The Tiffin product is a restricted free agent who will get a tender from the team, but don't expect it to be of the first round variety of tenders for the undrafted free agent. That last part, undrafted, is what makes the tender decision difficult. The other two tenders that can be given to players are a second round and a "whichever round you were drafted in" one. That and the amount of money between the two tenders are going to make the decision tough. The second round tender is $2.023 million, and the original round tender is $1.323 million. $700,000 might not seem like much of a difference between tenders, but it is when you are talking about a running back stable that already has three other guys making at least $2 million sharing carries with another young, potential-filled player in Travaris Cadet. I'm sure the team would love to get something back for him, but I don't see that happening. Even if the Saints were to tender Ivory with the second round tag, that doesn't necessarily mean they will get a second round pick back for him. They could stand firm in asking for that much, but no one is going to pay that much for an oft-injured back. Sorry.