Since moving North last year, the Los Angeles Chargers have gained a ton of Twitter followers. When they left San Diego they were hovering below 500,000, but if you check now, they boast 805,000. Man, that’s a lot for a franchise to pick up in one year, right? There’s just one problem: a lot of the team’s Twitter followers are fake. Eagle-eyed Twitter user Caleb Norman (CalebBMX89) isn’t the first to notice the crazy bump the Chargers got once they moved to LA, but he did do a TwitterAudit of the team’s followers. It wasn’t pretty. We ran his numbers ourselves and they check out. Of the Chargers’ reportedly 805,000 followers, TwitterAudit claims 359,611 are fake. That’s roughly 55 percent that are real, just over half. When you consider the Chargers have well over 300,000 new followers since moving to LA and carry 359,611 fake followers, it leads to some questions.