The Boston Celtics have always had an issue at the point guard position–even with Rajon Rondo. Rondo has been the driving force behind their offense over the last few seasons. And, after watching last night’s opening night game, the Celtics offense looked atrocious without him. There were very few bright spots in the game. Really, aside from Jeff Green, the Celtics didn’t see much offensive production out of anyone last night. They failed to score at least 20 points against the Raptors in the second quarter and the fourth quarter–the two most crucial quarters in a game if you ask me. A lot of that is because of their lack of production from the point guard position. Even though Rivers is gone, the point guard still serves as a fulcrum for the Celtics’ offense. Avery Bradley didn’t do a very good job of running the show for the Celtics last night. Phil Pressey didn’t play a bunch, but when he did he looked pretty bad. I thought that Pressey would at least give the Celtics a natural option at point guard, but Stevens seems to think otherwise. His minute allocation for Pressey wasn’t the best throughout the preseason and it wasn’t very good yesterday either. The proof is in the production, and the Celtics don’t have too many options at point guard.