About a year-and-a-half ago, the Indiana Pacers dialed the Nuggets up and proposed a center swap of JaVale McGee for Roy Hibbert. For then Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri, it was a non-starter. Hibbert, to that point hadn’t shown much outside of not exactly living up to a big contract. And the Nuggets were enamored with the recently acquired McGee, whose athleticism was too tantalizing to deal away without seeing more. It didn’t make sense then. Would it now? The logistics would have to work like this: A straight-up trade wouldn’t work because of the 125-percent-plus-$100,000 rule in the collective bargaining agreement. McGee is scheduled to make $11.25 million next season, while Hibbert is due $14.9 million, meaning the trade would fall something like $800,000 short of being an NBA-compliant deal. So, the Nuggets would have to add to it to make the deal work. And since the Pacers are suddenly in need of a starting-caliber small forward due to the recent unfortunate injury to Paul George, that would be a solid starting place for the Nuggets to add a player – or players – to the deal. The Hibbert-is-being-shopped rumors have recently cropped up again as the Pacers apparently have grown weary of his inconsistent play. His ineffectiveness through much of last season’s playoffs grew into a beanstalk-sized storyline as the Pacers sloshed through the postseason before being eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals by the Miami Heat.