Here's why the Boston Red Sox should give David Ortiz a contract extension: It makes good business sense to do so. Now that's counterintuitive to how the argument is usually framed: Ortiz is 38, the Sox already have him under contract for 2014, no need to do anything now, no one else is going to pay him what the Sox are paying him, he's just bluffing when he talks about leaving if he isn't paid his due. But the Red Sox should extend him because they've never been in a better financial position to do so: The industry is flush with cash, national TV revenues have taken a big spike, and there's no quantifiable way (at least to these untrained eyes) to measure how Ortiz's contributions have increased the value of the franchise located at 4 Yawkey Way. We have metrics like WAR that can help gauge the dollar value of wins and losses, but that only begins to tell the story of Ortiz's impact on John W. Henry's business venture. We just know it's huge.