It's only fair that after I wrote up a post on Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles last week that I do the same for San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith this week. I mean, they've both had 'rumors' out there the Kansas City Chiefs could be interested in trading for them so I wanted to know more about the guys that could be under center for the Chiefs next season. I went back and watched Alex Smith's games against the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals from last season. I picked those games because they were two of his better games and his two worst games of the season. Smith started eight games in 2012 and had 13 touchdowns to just five interceptions in those games. Four of his five interceptions on the season were against the Giants and Seahawks. which means I saw a good amount of the bad based on his overall season. With a little help from Clay Wendler we've got some GIFs to illustrate some of these points as well. Why do the Chiefs need Alex Smith? If you're looking for a gunslinger then Alex Smith is not your guy. He's methodical, safe, calculating, whatever term you want to use that doesn't come with the negative connotation of 'game manager'. The ball seemed to be where it was supposed to be when it was supposed to be there. Many Chiefs fans are against the idea of a 'retread' QB and not drafting our own quarterback of the future. I don't believe that bringing in Alex Smith would keep the Chiefs from finding a young QB to groom. It doesn't make sense. The Chiefs need two new QBs and Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn will most likely not be on the team next season. I have long thought that Alex Smith, Nick Foles, Matt Moore, Matt Flynn or Matt Hasselbeck would be on the team next season to pair with a draft pick.