LeBron James has made the NBA Finals for seven straight seasons, but the Cavaliers are sputtering out of control and their season honestly doesn’t look salvageable. NBA teams on the brink of contention should be calling the Cavs to see if somehow, some-way they could pry LeBron away, get him to waive his no-trade clause, and try to make a run. The Milwaukee Bucks should be one of those teams. The NBA trade deadline is this Thursday. While the Cavs have the Nets’ first round pick as a valuable trade chip in their back pocket, they are more than even a big piece away from being able to contend with the Warriors or Rockets. Right now, they look like they could even lose in the first or second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Last night, I posted this poll: As of press time, 46% of voteres answered LeBron, 35% said the Cavs, and 19% said the Bucks. My friend Sean Highkin, an obsessive NBA observer, pointed out that Eric Bledsoe is a fellow client of Klutch Sports, and that LeBron would want the Bucks to keep him there. If you sub in Khris Middleton for Bledsoe, he and Bledsoe have similar salaries and the Cavs would be getting an arguably better player.