It was always going to be an offseason of rumors and innuendo for the Bruins, par for the course when you crash out in the first round of the playoffs.

Many fans headed into the offseason wondering whether or not GM Don Sweeney was long for his job, especially after he noted yesterday that he’s only under contract for “this season.”

President of Hockey Operations Cam Neely threw cold water on that idea at his media availability today, but stirred up a whole new controversy in the process.

Neely noted that he spoke with the Jacobs Family about extending Sweeney’s contract after the trade deadline, and that both he and the Jacobs are on the same page about getting something done.

“I really wanted to see how the year went. We had a lot of changes in the last offseason, so I just really wanted to see how that played out,” said Neely on the reason for the delayed extension. “ I was happy with what he did at the deadline.”

Okay, so that’s probably the end of the “Sweeney Out!” talk. Controversy over, right?

Well...not so much.

After talking up his GM and saying that a contract extension, Neely was asked about bringing Bruce Cassidy back as head coach, something that seemed a foregone conclusion prior to the press conference.