Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have hogged the spotlight in the Western Conference semifinal series between San Antonio and Golden State, and rightfully so. They’re wildly entertaining players whose skill sets center on the most easily quantifiable act in basketball: putting the ball in the hole. But when it comes to overall impact, it might actually be bruising center Andrew Bogut — he of the limited offensive game and horrendous touch at the foul line — that has been Golden State’s most integral contributor as the series shifts back to San Antonio. Consider: * The Warriors are allowing 26.8 fewer points per 100 possessions when he’s on the court this series. * His individual defensive rating is 83.2; no teammate getting regular minutes is lower than 101.1. * The Spurs are shooting 40.5 percent when he’s on the court, 44.4 percent when not. That’s his overall impact. Individually, Bogut is pulling down 14 rebounds per game while playing a key role in gumming up the works for Tim Duncan. Duncan is still getting his, because even at 37, he’s still a great player. But he’s had to work exceedingly hard to do it, needing 19.5 shots to average 21.0 points in this series. He’s shooting 41 percent in the process, a nine-point drop from the regular season (50.2). Increased usage plus decreased efficiency for such an integral cog equals a major victory so far for the Warriors, and a big reason why the series is tied 2-2 heading into Tuesday’s pivotal Game 5.