Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Goalies. That's correct, folks; I referenced a daytime soap opera in a hockey post, and for every day that passes so too does the Roberto Luongo saga mirror the drama of a soap. The rumors continue to swirl, and today is no different, with the common knowledge abound that Florida management has presumably given the green light to GM Dale Tallon regarding the pursuit of a trade for the All-Star netminder. No word on any changes of the asking price from Vancouver GM Mike Gillis, who is looking to raid the Panthers pantry for all of the fresh marshmallow fluff one can consume. Tallon has repeatedly stated to the media that he is not interested in sacrificing any of the bluechip prospects the Cats have waiting in the wings, but for the chance to acquire a top-tier goalie, one may tell some tiny white lies.