The Portland Trail Blazers go as Damian Lillard goes. While the 27-year-old has not necessarily been the best player on the roster for all six seasons of Lillard’s NBA career, the Blazers have been “his team” for quite some time and, in 2017-2018, that has resulted in Portland being nicely situated in the Western Conference playoff picture. However, Lillard has been battling a hamstring issue, an ailment that has cost him the last five games of action. Fortunately, though, there is optimism that he will be able to return after missing only a quintet of games. Still, the elephant in the room has been that, well, the Blazers were able to stave off potential doom without him. Five games can only do so much to sink a team’s playoff chances and, admittedly, the bottom of the West’s playoff battle has been uglier than imagined given what has transpired with teams like the Clippers and Jazz. With that said, Portland did everything possible to withstand the loss of Lillard and even that five-game sample could be pivotal.