The first round of the World Baseball Classic begins on March 2nd and the Orioles have eight players participating, although you probably don't know most of them. Only Adam Jones and Pedro Strop from the major-league team will be playing as well as well-known prospect Jonathan Schoop. As far as the rest...well, they're not exactly household names. I'm personally not of the opinion that just because I'm an American, I should be rooting for Team USA. Team USA is filled with players I recognize, most of whom I tend to root against when they're playing the Orioles (and others, like Mark Teixeira, that I root against all the time). So I most enjoy the WBC when rooting for guys that play in the Orioles system. Here is the full list: USA: Adam Jones Dominican Republic: Pedro Strop Australia: Allan de San Miguel Netherlands: Jonathan Schopp & Jonathan Isenia Brazil: Rafael Moreno Canada: Christopher Robinson & Timothy Smith You can see the full WBC schedule here, but here are the Orioles-related round one matchups (all games can be watched on the MLB Network): Pool A: Pool A features Team Brazil and Rafael Moreno. Moreno is right-handed pitcher who has been in the Orioles system for just one year, playing in the Dominican Summer League as a 17 year old in 2012. He pitched in 14 games (12 starts) with a 3.86 ERA, an 8.13 K/9 and a 3.03 BB/9.