In my previous article addressing the the effect that Lou Williams had on this team, I mentioned in the article that Lou is shooting a career high from the line despite the team being so horrible overall this year. Believe it or not, Atlanta is not dead last in the NBA in FT%, instead we place at 27 out of 30 with an amazing percentage at 69.6%. Well seeing that we are so low and a player like Lou is actually shooting a career high, it made me want to look at the team and each of the players to see where and how they contribute to this horrendous 69.6%. With each player I will look at their FT%, how many free throws they average a game, a comparison to career average and finally what percentage they take for this team. With the help of and my calculator, I will bring you the stats that I'm sure you are all dying to see. So without waiting any longer, lets get this disgusting and painful analysis started. First up we have Devin Harris. Devin is shooting 66.7% from the line this season and getting to the line 2.1 times while hitting 1.4 times per game. He is way down for his career free-throw percentage which is 79.8% while getting to the line 4.5 times while hitting 3.6 when getting to the line for his career. For this season, Devin is contributing to 6.98% of the overall team percentage.