From Nomar Garciaparra and Billy Martin to George Steinbrenner and Bob Uecker, Saturday Night Live is no stranger to MLB personalities. They’ve parodied some of baseball’s biggest stars (think the eclectic “Baseball Dreams” sketch or Kenan Thompson’s David Ortiz impression) and played host to several World Series contenders, going as far back as the 1998 Yankees’ upstaging of Ben Stiller’s opening monologue. On Saturday, they’ll add World Series MVP George Springer, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman to that list. By my count, only three World Series contenders have been featured in SNL sketches to date: the 1998 Yankees, 2001 Yankees and, most recently, the 2016 Cubs. Back in 1998, when the Yankees were fresh off of their 24th championship run against the Padres, Tino Martinez, Chili Davis, Graeme Lloyd, David Cone and David Wells crashed the show opener behind Ben Stiller. Stiller soaked up the raucous applause from the audience before eventually feigning surprise when he “discovered” the players standing behind him. The Yankees were given a bigger platform in 2001, even though they had just lost a seven-game World Series run to the Diamondbacks. Derek Jeter hosted the episode, hitting baseballs into the audience during the monologue, bantering with a Red Sox fan on Weekend Update and starring in two sketches, including an unforgettable advertisement for “Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole” and a fistfight with Yankees’ fans during “Yankee Wives.”