Nothing escapes the eyes of the internet nowadays. There’s just nothing we or anybody can do to prevent people from screenshotting and remembering every single one of our mistakes.

That’s why celebrities must be extremely cautious about what they share on social media. That’s why most celebrities also use ‘burner’ or secret accounts to try and have a regular life like most of us.

However, there have been a handful of times when their security protocols have been insufficient. And, either because they mess up or because someone took control of their accounts, they end up claiming they’ve been hacked.

Whether if that’s true or not, it’s not for up to decide, but actually, you could put together quite a nice All-“We Swear We Were Hacked” Team:


Point Guard – Jamal Murray

Jamal Murray is the most recent addition to this squad, as just a couple of days ago his Instagram account was allegedly compromised late at night for a couple of minutes. Sadly, this time he wasn’t the lone victim of these vicious hackers.

Someone took control of his Instagram account and posted a series of NSFW stories of him and his girlfriend sharing an intimate moment. Needless to say, he quickly deleted the stories and claimed to be hacked, while his girlfriend’s account was suspended.


Shooting Guard – D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell’s first year in the league was pretty rough. He wasn’t getting enough playing time and was struggling to prove he was the Laker’s newest hope. Moreover, he then was deemed a snitch by the rest of his colleagues.

Thing is, Russell recorded a conversation between him and Nick Young, who had admitted to have repeatedly cheated on his then-girlfriend Iggy Azalea. Said video was leaked on Twitter and Russell claimed it was supposed to be just a prank that got out of hand. Obviously, he became the least-favorite player in the locker room.