Well, this is a fresh and unexpected development that changes everyone’s outlook and has the sports world buzzing. But enough about Stephen Curry’s Ivy League cornrows. Let’s talk about the 49ers, their breakthrough win Sunday and their sudden glut of great quarterbacks. One thing on which we all agree: C.J. Beathard does not get the hook. Kyle Shanahan does not yank the rookie out of the starting lineup for the 49ers’ next game, even though the world is dying to get a look at the new kid, Jimmy Garoppolo. When Shanahan came into his postgame news conference Sunday after his first NFL win, he had the springy step of a man just freed from prison. You could almost see the 0-9 monkey jumping off Shanahan’s back. In theory, the 49ers are supposed to lose a lot of games, and few critics would have blamed Shanahan for even an 0-16 season. But reality is a B-word and that 0-9 was not sitting well with the rookie head coach, his team or the fans. The pressure was on. The crowd at Levi’s on Sunday was so un-crowded that the 49ers could have played this game at Kezar. A quiet desperation has been creeping in. So even though Shanahan swore after the win Sunday that he has no grand plan for easing out Beathard and easing in Garoppolo, you can bet that it’s not going to happen in the 49ers’ next game. Not after Beathard’s past two games.