Something was indeed amiss with the ball during last year's Major League Baseball playoffs, though that shouldn't be construed as a bad thing.

Before we carry on, anyone who's already forgotten about October 2019 is forgiven. The baseball headlines have long since been hijacked by gargantuan contracts, cheating scandals and, oh yeah, the delaying of the season amid the coronavirus crisis.

Yet there has been a development in the curious case of the seemingly de-juiced baseballs used during the '19 playoffs, courtesy of Bradford William Davis of the New York Daily News.

The key part of Davis' full report concerns testimony from sports data scientist Dr. Meredith Wills. She got ahold of a batch of balls used during the 2019 playoffs and found that, while some were consistent with balls used during the '19 regular season, others were from "no later" than the 2018 regular season.