Speaking after Brazil's win against Tunisia, Richarlison described Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte as a 'professor' without prompt.

It's high praise from the forward, who's clearly been impressed by the Italian's attention to detail during his brief time at Spurs.

But it got the ol' brain juices flowing - which managers really would be suiting to becoming a professor?

Here's a ranking of the 20 Premier League bosses, anyways...


20. Gary O'Neil

Club: AFC Bournemouth (interim)
Specialised subject: He's just the supply teacher
Teaching style: Not his problem

I'm sure Gary O'Neil's a smart guy, but he's the only person on this list whose job isn't permanent, so he's dead last I'm afraid.


19. Jurgen Klopp

Club: Liverpool
Specialised subject: Asthmatics
Teaching style: Too many hugs, not enough learning

Fun fact - Jurgen Klopp has never worn a suit in his life. Don't check that, you can trust me. It's true. He's not cut out for the professor life.


18. Steve Cooper

Club: Nottingham Forest
Specialised subject: Celebration Police Academy
Teaching style: The more students, the merrier

You having fun there, Steve? Teaching all 700 of your new students not to juggle? Didn't think so.


17. Steven Gerrard

Club: Aston Villa
Specialised subject: Scouse 101
Teaching style: No lesson plan, just intense staring

Believe me, it took great restraint to not to shove a 'yeeee course' joke in here needlessl- oh, never mind.