Now that the 2017 Cleveland Browns have joined the 2008 Detroit Lions in NFL infamy by losing all 16 regular season games, which of the two teams was worse? Some are calling this season’s Browns the worst team in NFL history. It certainly seems that way. But head coach Hue Jackson is not losing his job over this dismal campaign just completed. However, you would think given the parity in the league that he would have found a way to win at least one game. Even more embarrassing is that over the last 32 regular season games, Jackson has coached his team to just one victory. That came on Christmas Eve of the 2016 season. Therefore, the Browns have not won a regular season game in over a year. By the time the 2018 season kicks off, the Browns will have spent over a year and a half waiting to win. But Detroit and Cleveland are not alone. Those two teams only accomplished the unthinkable while playing 16 regular season games. There are 10 other teams that spent an entire season without winning a regular season game. Let’s get to them. Baltimore Colts (1982): The Colts lost all eight games of a strike-shortened season that included a tie. That said, they can’t be included in one of the worst teams ever. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976): Given that this was Tampa’s first year in the league, they had nothing to go on. Therefore, they had nothing to prove. The following season, the Bucs did manage to win two games. They would win five in 1978 before making the playoffs in 1979 with 10 wins. That brought them to the doorstep of the Super Bowl, but they would lose in the NFC Conference championship game to the Rams. “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys were not always perennial winners. In 1960, their first year in the league, the ‘Boys got off to a horrible start just like the Bucs. Dallas lost 11 of their 12 regular season games played but had a tie as well. In 1989, the Cowboys won just one game and lost 15. In 1944, the borough of Brooklyn in New York City had a football team called the Tigers. They played 11 games that season and lost them all. To avoid sharing Brooklyn’s baseball team nickname, the Tigers had changed their name from the “Dodgers” in 1944. They subsequently went out and lost all their games.