For a moment Friday, it looked as if a young businessman, accountant or computer guy had won one of those charity auctions to spend a game in uniform in the Rays dugout. Actually, it was Rays analytics director Jonathan Erlichman, a Princeton grad with a mathematics degree, and the apropos nickname J-Money. Though he looked a bit out of place next to the players and coaches, and takes some good-natured teasing about it, Erlichman was totally welcomed as part of an interesting Rays spring training program to integrate the onfield and front office crews, specifically from the data departments. "Over the last few years we've done a really good job because our players are open-minded and our coaching staff is open-minded of kind of integrating our (research and development) department," manager Kevin Cash said. "They play a huge role every single day during the season for us." The program is a joint idea the Rays expect to be mutually beneficial for all parties to get a better sense of what the others do and are looking for, as they all work toward the same goal.