Anyone who's a fan of the Canucks is pretty tired of seeing this reference. And hockey fans for the most part detest the ridiculous sexism involved, regardless of their team loyalty. The intent is always clear no matter how innocently the person saying it tries to paint it. They're girls, and I say they're girls because they're not men. They're weaker. It's bad when a fan says it. It's very bad when someone who's as well known as Wilson with his platform in the media and large following, says it. The real problem is that this is someone who is part of the NHL community. It's still early, but I really think that all hockey fans against this type of garbage should be outraged. The NHL definitely needs to address this. I am not going to suggest what type of punishment (let's face it, the only possible punishment is a fine, something Mr. Wilson can easily afford), but the message it sends if they remain silent on it is terrible.