With the Ted Wells report expected to be released later this week, someone finally has leaked to the media the text messages exchanged over a period of months between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. Presumably, the leak came from Incognito or someone close to him, because the text messages tend to support the notion that Incognito and Martin were friends. Moreover, nothing in the Incognito text messages suggests harassment or bullying of Incognito. The Big Lead had gotten the goods, and I’ve taken a look through them all. The major takeaways appear below: 1. Incognito accuses Martin of being gay in multiple text messages. It’s difficult to tell whether Incognito is joking, or whether he believed Martin to be gay. Martin’s actual or perceived sexuality has been a lingering (but largely unspoken) explanation for the decision of Dolphins players to allegedly single him out. After reading all of the message, it appears Incognito is joking about Martin being gay. 2. Martin declines to pay $6,000 for a trip to Las Vegas, but Incognito seems to be fine with it. “It’s all good,” Incognito says. “Let me know if u need anything.” 3. At the time left tackle Jake Long chose to sign with the Rams over the Dolphins, Incognito texted that former G.M. Jeff Ireland “didn’t make him feel welcome.” (That’s unrelated to the Martin-Incognito case, but it helps explain why Long took a lesser deal to go to St. Louis.) 4. At one point, Incognito asks Martin if Martin went to Mike Pouncey’s house after going to a bar. Martin says he didn’t, saying “No drugs for me rest of season.” That comment could attract the NFL’s attention on the question of whether multiple members of the team had engaged in illegal use of drugs, recreational or otherwise.