The Texas Rangers are conducting a sale of some premium players and are involved in discussions concerning very good players, such as re-emerging bullpen talent Joakim Soria and .300-hitting outfielder Alex Rios. But stars Yu Darvish and Adrian Beltre and very likely even cornerstone shortstop Elvis Andrus, too, won't be going anywhere. Teams have called about all three big-name players but the Rangers are understandably considering this year an injury-riddled aberration. Since the Rangers intend to compete again next year, they have decided it's pointless to spend time on trade talks involving Beltre, the team leader as well as an All-Star third baseman, and Darvish, one of the game's best pitchers. It probably isn't a surprise Texas intends to keep its core together. Andrus in particular had been viewed as a more likely trade candidate since the Rangers are well-stocked with young middle infielders, including Luis Sardinas, Rougned Odor and Jurickson Profar, but beyond Profar's upsetting, even exasperating, year-ending injury, the Rangers view Andrus as instrumental to their clubhouse, and in any case want to guard against selling low. Word is, he is "very likely" staying now. The Tigers are said to be one main pursuer of Soria, who has turned his career around following a second Tommy John surgery (with some irony, he is a rare healthy Ranger now), and who would fit Detroit as a top set-up man and possibly late replacement for veteran closer Joe Nathan, who has shown signs of a drop-off this year. The Dodgers and Giants are among other teams that could potentially fit Soria. Rios, a rare available right-handed bat, should have a nice market, too, with the Mariners, Giants, Blue Jays and Royals among teams that fit. The Mets, who are playing better, are another team that could make sense, if they move into buying mode. One complication: Adding to the year's injury woes, Rios left the game Friday with an ankle sprain, and it's uncertain how long he may be out.