The Texas Longhorns won't be backed by a band on Saturday. According to The Daily Texan, the Longhorn Band is not participating in the upcoming game against Baylor because multiple members don't want to play "The Eyes of Texas." So many members of the school bands refused to play the song, in fact, that they now lack "necessary instrumentation."

"Based on (survey responses), we do not have the necessary instrumentation, so we will not participate in Saturday's game," Longhorn Band director Scott Hanna told The Daily Texan.

Multiple members of the band confirmed that the survey asked if they'd be willing to play "The Eyes of Texas." However, the survey results won't affect the Longhorn Band playing at games in the future. Dean of the College of Fine Arts Douglas Dempster had previously maintained that the Longhorn Band was going to play "The Eyes of Texas" despite band members stating that they wouldn't play the song due to its racist history.