Two Texas A&M football players were arrested over the weekend -- a blue chip recruit was detained -- after allegedly making a series of incredibly stupid decisions ... involving weed, booze and parking in a handicap space. Here's what happened, according to cops. Isaiah Golden (DL), Darian Claiborne (LB) and Devante Noil (WR) were all inside of a silver Infiniti parked in a handicap space at an apartment complex in College Station around midnight. According to the police report, an officer approached the car ... and smelled weed. He detained all 3 players, along with another man, and proceeded to search the car. The cop says he found weed along with a bottle of brandy ... which is a problem since all of the men are under 21. But during the incident, the officer says Claiborne "became very loud ... complaining that this was going to ruin [his] college football career." FYI -- Claiborne was recently arrested for allegedly hiding weed and pills in an oversized Hershey's kiss ornament. The officer says he continued to yell and began "interfering with the investigation" -- so he was arrested for a "noise violation." Golden was eventually arrested for the weed (cops say he was in possession of 1.9 grams). As for Noil -- considered one of the top wide receiver recruits in the country -- he was let go.