Texas A&M has had one of the most interesting offseasons in college football in 2022. The Aggies pulled in the nation’s best recruiting class with a staggering eight five-star players. However, some people grew suspicious of just how strong A&M recruited this cycle.

One of those questioning the Aggies happened to be Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who fired a shot about his divisional rival to the media. A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher didn’t take kindly to that shot, leading to one of the juiciest stories of the offseason. After multiple comments back-and-forth, the feud appears to be over, for now.

The Aggies are coming off an 8-4 season, but have massive expectations for 2022. A&M placed in the top seven of both preseason polls, and some even have the team winning the SEC. The Aggies have a brutal schedule in college football’s toughest division, but the talent is there for a special season.

Even with the hype entering the season, A&M’s title hopes rest on several key players. Whoever wins the starting quarterback role will have to perform for the team to reach its potential. However, one of the guys protecting that quarterback may be the Aggies’ biggest X-factor this season.


Texas A&M’s biggest X-factor in 2022 college football season

OL Layden Robinson

No matter how good a quarterback is, they can’t thrive without the big guys blocking for him. Fortunately for the Aggies, they had a good offensive line last season that should repeat in 2022. A&M allowed just 19 sacks on the season, the fourth-fewest in the SEC.