We did something! The Texans signed DT Jerrell Powe, who weighs a massive 331 pounds. As the headline states, your Houston Texans signed DT (NT?) Jerrell Powe today. News via Dave Zangaro on the teh Twitterz machine. Here's a seriously in-depth and personal scouting report on Powe from Bob Gretz. That said, let's make one thing clear: Jerrell Powe is 6'2" and weighs 331 pounds. That, kids, is a thing. Or, as Rovers McCown put it: Kidding aside (and please tip your waitress), this is a low risk/medium reward signing by the Texans. Powe was drafted by Romeo Crennel and presumably knows the system. That said, while Powe is extremely physically talented, the mental side of the game has been a huge question mark. Even with all the talent, Powe has managed just 8 tackles and a single sack over his career.