Auston Matthews, Welcome to Canada. The NHL Draft Lottery isn't until April 30 this year — much to the chagrin of clubs who don't like the two-week, made-for-TV delay (at least compared to previous years) — but on any given morning these days, the odds of consensus No. 1 pick Matthews, an American, ending up in a Canadian city appear relatively high. Today, it's 70.5 per cent, a sum achieved by simply totaling the percentage possibility of any one of the seven Canadian teams winning the draft lottery. The idea of an American ending up in Canada has apparently spawned an internet/Twitter rumour — now that I think of it, is there any other kind? — ‎that says if Matthews doesn't like the look of the lottery winner (read: Canadian), he'll re-sign in Zurich in the Swiss League, where he played this season. Like most internet/Twitter rumours, there isn't a shred of substance to it. But it has nevertheless created some angst amongst the fan bases of the seven Canadians teams. The big centre from Scottsdale, Ariz., wants to play in the NHL next season, wants to be the No. 1 pick in the draft and isn't going to jeopardize either of those for the sake of geography or appearing petulant. Matthews' agent Pat Brisson totally dismissed the rumour with a "really?" and a laugh. "No truth," Brisson said.