The Houston Texans made a slight adjustment to their individual quarterback drills on Wednesday, adding a ball security element by having someone "smacking the ball at the end of the drill" and having quarterback Tom Savage step up in the pocket. In just 5.5 games this season, Savage leads the NFL with six lost fumbles, three of which have come in the last two games. "He's frustrated as much as anybody else," Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan said. "He realizes we can't turn the ball over. We were very fortunate last week that we got away with it, but we know that. You can't turn it over, he's aware of it. "You just continually preach it, you talk about two hands on the ball, you point it out every example you can throughout a practice and then you try to incorporate that into every drill that you do." Savage said he doesn't know where all the fumbles are coming from, because "I've never been a fumbler in my life."