Manager Terry Francona addressed his troops one more time on Monday, when the Indians went through a workout at Rogers Centre. “We had a meeting yesterday,” he said. “It wasn’t long. The only thing different from spring training is that there weren’t 60-65 players there. “It was about how we want to do things and to remind guys of how we play the game and look out for each other. Regardless of what happens, we have to do it together.” Having managed two teams before coming to Cleveland, Francona knows the rigors of the season, even if his players take his words to heart. “Not that I look that good today,” he said. “But I look a lot better now than I will at the end of the season.” HE SHOULD KNOW — Michael Brantley usually plays the outfield position he wasn’t planning to play. Last year, he was slated to play left, but when Grady Sizemore got hurt, he played center. This season, he figured to be in center until the Tribe signed Michael Bourn, shifting Brantley back to left. So which is the most difficult position to play? “No doubt it’s harder to play left because of the angles [that balls come at you],” he said. “Whether it’s lefties or righties, the ball is hooking or slicing. “Right is the second hardest. The ball doesn’t hook as much, because there are fewer left-handed hitters. Center is the easiest because balls usually come at you straight on.”