Celtics guard Terrence Williams spoke with reporters Saturday at the team's practice facility here, his first public comments since being arrested earlier in the week in Kent, Wash., after the mother of his 10-year-old son said Williams threatened her with a gun. Williams is being investigated for second-degree domestic assault, but prosecutors decided to delay bringing charges against him as they continue to investigate the incident, which occurred in a parking lot during a custody exchange between Williams and the woman. It’s unclear how long it will take before prosecutors make a decision. If convicted, Williams, 25, faces possible jail time and suspension by the NBA. "We all know there’s two sides to every story," said Williams, who signed with the Celtics Feb. 20, averaging 4.6 points over 13.3 minutes in 24 regular-season games. "That’s all I’m going to say about that, I’m not crazy. You guys have been around me for whatever 2 ½ months, I’m not crazy at all." Williams later added, "Before anything, I’m a father. Before anything, my job is to protect my kid. And to be there. It’s so easy as me, just dropping my son off, and something turns bad. It doesn’t affect me, because I’m a father at the end of the day, no basketball, no NBA, no nothing. I’m a father. I’m fortunate to be here, to be able to workout, to be able to come to this facility. Still be on the team now. I can’t let it affect me because the people that are saying the negative things, they don’t really control my life or my future." According to court documents, Williams told police that while he did have a gun, he didn't point it at the woman, as she told the police that he did. Williams would not directly answer a question about whether he had a gun, instead pointing to the police reports and adding, "Like I said, I didn’t do nothing wrong, and I didn’t do that the next person, the next man, that would have protected himself or his family wouldn’t do." Williams admitted being frustrated about the situation and the way he's being portrayed.