Toronto Raptors rookie Terrence Ross made a name for himself during All-Star Weekend when he claimed the slam dunk title on Saturday, providing the highlight of an otherwise blah night with a 180-degree wraparound dunk. But Ross’s name might already be familiar to some locally. A 22-year-old native of Portland, Ore., Ross spent nearly two years at Montrose Christian in Rockville, orally committing to Maryland before eventually backing out. He also was a dark-horse candidate for the Wizards during last June’s NBA draft. Ross has been on a unique basketball journey ever since he was named Oregon player of the year as a sophomore after leading Jefferson High to a state championship. Home-schooled by his mother, Marcine, Ross later transferred to Montrose Christian to play for Coach Stu Vetter, who also helped players such as Kevin Durant and Greivis Vasquez reach the NBA. Ross was named an All-Met as a junior but now admits that the transition was difficult. “I was really just reaching the peak of my game, at least in high school and it was tough leaving all my friends, all my teammates and really going to the other side of the country, all by myself. It was tough,” Ross said recently. “A lot of crazy things went on. It was some good things, some bad things, but I thought, me and my mom thought it was best for me to come back, because things just got too political at Montrose. It didn’t work out.”