Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that quarterback Terrelle Pryor's right knee injury is more severe than he realized. Even so, that wasn't the determining factor in the Raiders' loss to the New York Giants. "When you watch the game, I didn't look at it and think that that was really the limitation that held us back there," Allen said Monday in his weekly day-after-game news conference. Just the same, Allen added, he intends to meet with Pryor so that he can get a full grasp of where Pryor stands in terms of health. Pryor completed 11 of 26 passes for 122 yards, with one interception, in a 24-20 loss Sunday. He also ran only five times for 19 yards and fumbled once. Afterward, Pryor said that he played with a sprained medial collateral ligament that he suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 3. The knee worsened as the week progressed. "It was obvious that there wasn't that explosiveness that we had seen out of him prior to the injury," Allen said. "I'll sit down and visit with Terrelle a little bit more and find out exactly where he is physically. "It wasn't something that we thought was going to be a big factor going into the game. But, obviously, it was a factor." Running back Rashad Jennings said he was "too dialed in" on his own job to notice whether Pryor's movement and play were restricted. Allen said he admires Pryor for wanting to play at less than 100 percent, as he does with all his players. At the same time, he added, there's a fine line between playing through pain and knowing when to ask out. "You got to be effective," Allen said. "If you're injured and can't help the football team, then it's best that we have somebody else in there." Pryor did what Jennings and most other NFL players do, Jennings said, by playing hurt. "Most players that I've ever met who have played this game, you have to take them off the field," Jennings said. "They're not just going to walk off. I don't question anything." Allen said he didn't consider removing Pryor from the game Sunday, either because of Pryor's limited effectiveness or inconsistent play. Pryor remains the unquestioned starter as long as he's healthy enough. Pryor's status for this Sunday's game against the Houston Texans is in question until he tests it out at practice this week. His first shot at that comes Wednesday. Undrafted free agent Matt McGloin is the only other quarterback on Oakland's 53-man roster. Fourth-round draft pick Tyler Wilson is on the practice squad. Rookie right tackle Menelik Watson's first NFL start in a regular-season game didn't go quite as well as planned. Most glaring, he got beat soundly on the play in which Pryor fumbled. Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka blew past Watson and knocked the ball out of Pryor's hand on a key play late in the game. "He struggled a little bit in this game," Allen said.