Al Davis was always a polarizing character throughout the sports world. Between suing the league and encouraging an 'anything goes' mentality, most NFL fans couldn't stand him. Within the Raider Nation, however, Al was beloved and respected as our fearless leader. Towards the end of his life, though, Raider fans started to divide and argue that Al was no longer fit to run the franchise. It is fitting, therefore, that his last pick was also a polarizing character: Terrelle Pryor. We know why people hated Al: his arrogance, ignorance, and poor drafting cost the team a decade of prominence. Why is Pryor so hated? He was a 3rd round pick, has great measurables, and showed promise in his one start. Pryor stands at 6'4 233 which is as prototypical a size for a QB as you could ask for. He, however, offers a very un-prototypical speed for a man his size, running a 4.38 40 in his pro day. His speed is superior to most any starting QB in the NFL.