The Denver Broncos manhandled the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night issuing a 49-27 beatdown at Mile High. Obviously this means the Ravens won't win another game and their defense is terrible. Not really but that's the common overreaction when a quarterback throws an NFL-record seven touchdown passes against a team even if that quarterback is future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. And if you're one of the people over-reacting Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs would like you to relax. "The great thing is it's Week 1" Suggs told Tom Pelissero of USA Today. "It's one game. But I guarantee they will see us again." Now this is a really interesting quote. Not because Suggs is trying to predict the future but because there's a lot of truth in his braggadocio. Last year in Week 15 the Ravens lost to the Broncos 34-17. It honestly looked like Baltimore was on a major slide and might be in danger of missing the playoffs. And how'd that work out for them? Well as you probably know they ended up getting in the postseason beating Manning and the Broncos and ultimately winning the Super Bowl. Panicking now would is the amateur move.