Washed-up wide receiver Terrell Owens may be fishing for job, but he won’t find it in Kansas City. The last time we saw Owens, he was trying to crack the Seattle Seahawks roster last summer, and he dropped a pass while wide open in a preseason game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Owens, 39, hasn’t played since he wore out his welcome with the Cincinnati Bengals following the 2010 season. Owens said in a radio interview that he would be a good fit with the Chiefs because he’s familiar with Andy Reid’s offense. The problem is Andy Reid is also familiar with Owens’ offensive behavior. Remember the scene of Owens doing sit-ups in his Philadelphia driveway during a contract holdout? While it’s true, Owens, playing on a damaged ankle, delivered a heroic performance for Reid in the Eagles’ loss to New England in Super Bowl XXXIX following the 2004 season, Reid suspended Owens midway through the 2005 season and released him at the end of that year.