Terrell Davis didn't make the cut as a top 15 finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Thursday. It marked the seventh consecutive year the former Denver Broncos running back was removed from consideration when the list of 25 finalists was dropped to 15. Hall of Famer Rod Woodson stumped on Davis' behalf after the 15 finalists were revealed, but Davis seems to understand why his waiting game continues. "You look at that list of 25, and it's hard," he said, via The Denver Post. "I'm looking at this list of names and I say, 'How do you justify this player not making it?' We're emotionally attached to some of the names you see there when you see guys like Steve Atwater and Mecklenburg and myself and you say, 'I know what these guys have done.' But then you look at these other guys and you really can't feel good about saying these guys deserve it more than these guys. "I've said this every year: I'm blessed to even be in the conversation. Do I sit there every year and say, 'Man, maybe this is the year?' Yeah, I'm human. But I don't lose sleep the other 364 days of the year."