Whether if Maryland Terrapins Alex Len goes pro or not, he is certainly being looked at by many NBA scouts. However, he should stay in school. If Len was to enter the 2013 NBA Draft, he would most likely be a lottery pick. Although Len is only a sophomore, he stands at 7’1”, so he is clearly a true seven-footer. Len was a pretty efficient rebounder this season, grabbing 7.8 boards per game, but he also averaged 11.9 points per game and 2.1 blocks per game. Not bad for someone who only averages 26.4 minutes per game. However, compare that to the best center in the ACC this year, and you would think that Len would at least stay one more year in school. Duke’s Mason Plumlee may have been a senior, but his numbers don’t lie. Plumlee averaged 17.1 points per game and 1o rebounds per game. If Len stays in school longer, maybe he could dominate the ACC and college basketball for that matter like Plumlee did in his senior year. Getting paid millions is always nice, but Len is eventually going to make the NBA. He should stay in college at least one more year to develop his offensive game and become a pro when he is better and can actually make an instant impact to whichever team picks him up.