Tennessee's offense is set to be one of the most dynamic units in the country, and it got good news on the eligibility front Friday. Bru McCoy, a redshirt junior wide receiver who transferred to the program from USC in the offseason, has been declared immediately eligible by the NCAA following a waiver request that left his season in limbo.

McCoy, who transferred from USC to Texas and back to Los Angeles in 2019, needed USC to sign off on a No Participation Opportunity Form in order to play for the Volunteers in 2022. McCoy was arrested for suspicion of felony intimate partner violence in July 2021, which led to a full-season suspension and a ban from campus during a Title IX investigation. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office eventually dopped charges and the Title IX was closed due to insufficient evidence.

USC said earlier this week that it was cooperating with the waiver process, but second-year coach Josh Heupel seemed frustrated when it was brought up in a press conference.