It’s less than two months to the NFL Draft, and I’m sure the Titans are diligently searching everywhere for talent. One suggestion, guys: Don’t ignore your own backyard — again. If history is any indication, the Titans will continue to devalue the SEC on their draft board. For whatever reason, they don’t seem particularly interested in acquiring local talent. In the previous 10 drafts, the Titans have picked a total of 12 SEC players. And even when the Titans do take the plunge on an SEC player, they tend to do so comparatively deep into the draft. Half of those 12 picks came in the fifth round or later. During the 10-year period in question, a total of 75 SEC players were selected in the first round of those NFL drafts. The Titans’ first-round picks from SEC programs during that span: 0. Maybe this is provincial thinking on my part. When you are immersed so long and so deep in SEC football, you tend to become jaded.