How far away from a Super Bowl berth are the Titans? (Hey, stop laughing. We're trying to be serious here.) This is a start: • Use two late first-round picks to draft players who become future Hall of Famers and anchor your defense for more than a decade; • Be patient while a young quarterback survives some early turbulence and comes of age at the right time; • Empower a head coach who is willing to make gutsy moves on his staff, even in the middle of a season; and • Employ a front office that knows how to evaluate and acquire the right free agents. That's a start. In other words, the Titans need to look at the Baltimore Ravens today and copy their game plan. While the Titans languish in mediocrity, the Ravens are playing for the Lombardi Trophy. The gulf between the two teams is deep and wide. One seems to contend for the Super Bowl almost every year. The other treats the postseason like a no-fly zone.