Titans quarterback Jake Locker has faced questions about his passing accuracy ever since he was in college, and he’s always offered a similar response — winning games is more important than attaining a particular completion percentage. But he also doesn’t want to give the impression he doesn’t care about improving his numbers. Locker elaborated Thursday on comments he made during an interview this week on 104.5-FM, in which he repeated his standard line, that accuracy was less of an issue to him than wins and losses. “I said what I wanted to and I meant what I said. But overall, if you do complete more passes, you do increase your chance to win,” Locker told The Tennessean following a Lipscomb University chapel service where he and fellow Titans quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Rusty Smith addressed students. “That’s all I was saying. I have to figure out ways to put our team in better situations to win games and that is by finding ways to complete more passes.” Locker completed 56.4 percent of his passes during his first season as a starter last year, a figure that ranked below 11 of the NFL’s 12 starting playoff quarterbacks — all except Colts rookie Andrew Luck. But Locker drew a distinction between accuracy and completion rate, saying that it wasn’t necessarily a lack of the first that led to a relatively low figure in the second.