Mike Munchak survived Black Monday, but he remains in the dark. On a day when four more NFL head coaches were fired — bringing the total to six since the Texans axed Gary Kubiak on Dec. 6 — the Titans coach was hardly relieved to still be employed at the end of the day. He’s in limbo, awaiting a meeting with president/CEO Tommy Smith, and he could be waiting several more days. “It’s hard,” Munchak said during his season-ending press conference at Saint Thomas Sports Park. “It is different. I am confident in what we are doing, obviously. I feel good. This is just a process I have to go through. I’m a head coach and this is a part of it. … I am just ready to go with the process.” The Titans finished 7-9 this season, and Munchak’s overall record in three years is 22-26. He’s scheduled to make about $3 million next season in the final year of his contract. Munchak said he’s scheduled to meet with general manager Ruston Webster in the coming days and Smith later in the week. Smith headed back to his home in Houston after the Titans beat the Texans on Sunday. Munchak said he expects to be back, and indications are the Titans remain open to the possibility, although conversations in the coming days could swing things in a different direction. Asked if the delay might be a good sign for Munchak, he said he “hates to read into anything” and pointed out that the Titans split with coach Jeff Fisher in late January 2011, several weeks after the season. Munchak was hired a few weeks later.